Grahak Bhander:

Adarsh Shikshan Sanstha Beed’s Kalikadevi Arts, Commerce and Science College, Shirur Kasar

Kalikadevi Vidyarthi Sahkari Grahak Bhandar

Kalikadevi Arts, Commerce and Science College, Shirur Kasar established Vidyarthi Sahkari Grahak Bhandar. It was inaugurated with the hands of Principal Dr. Deepatai Kshirsagar on 12th January, 2015. This is a multi sector unit make the items of daily use available to the students at reasonable prices at his door steps. This unit has its Board of Directors, usually 30% women member. The Board of Directors as follows:

1. Principal Dr. P. B. Deshmane – President 2. Principal R.B. Raut - Vice- President
3. Prof. Dr. G.S. Adgaonkar - Secretary 4. Prof. Dr. R.A. Landage - Director
5. Prof. Dr. S. K. Tupe - Director 6. Prof. Dr. A. U. Gholve - Directors
7. Prof. Dr. C.V.Donglikar - Directors 8. Prof. Dr. S.B.Lomte - Directors
9. Shree. N. A. Shelke - Directors 10. Shree. V. S.Tupe - Directors
11. Shree. U. P. Khedkar - Directors  

However, this unit has won the confidence of their clients and has established their reputation.